We opened a space in the Timpuri Noi – Splai area in Bucharest for those who want to get involved in improving the quality of life in the city or those curious about how successful cities work. We are two organizations with complementary visions and energies: La Firul Ierbii (LFI) and Urban Insights Center (Urban INC). 


We curate a series of programs with free access to our public, together with our partners in the community. We believe that civic involvement is essential in the development of cities, so we support citizens involved in the development of their community. If you have an initiative in this regard, we help you by providing both space for meetings and work and also our resources and know-how.


If you are looking for a space to organize a workshop, course, hackathon, conference, exhibition, audition, performance, meeting, celebration, we can support you.

Our space is dedicated to creating connections. Whether you are interested in  sustaining a course or presentation of a product to new audiences, we created a relaxed and multi-functional space that will support your business and organizational mission.

You can fill in the form (Romanian only) or contact us at hello@urbaninc.ro.


What you can find here

The space is a resource for information and project development for the community. You can develop projects, have debates and meetings in a relaxed and positive environment.


We are an open and active community of experts in urban planning, civic participation, development and urban revitalization. We are always looking for new members.


Our visitors have a library where they can consult books, magazines and international projects aimed at improving the quality of life in the city.

Event room

We have a spacious hall, 80 seats, where we frequently host public and private events: meetings, debates, conferences, exhibitions, artistic performances. So our space can be adapted for a variety of events.


We can accommodate up to 15 workstations in an open and easily adaptable space to different requirements.


Our kitchen is open to visitors. You always find coffee, tea or something to nibble on.

Accessible space

The design uses inclusive furniture which is designed taking into account the needs of disabled people, we have a bathroom accessible to disabled persons and an area for “mother and child”.


… with access to grass and overlooks towards Dambovita. We use it whenever the weather is nice.


WiFi, sound system (speakers, microphone, mixer), video system (projector and screen), printer and scanner, copy machine supplies. The room is equipped with a security system.

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